Measuring in Centimeters

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SWBAT measure two objects and compare to decide how much larger one is than the other.

Big Idea

They measure in Japan too.. let's see how they do it!

Japanese Lanterns

30 minutes

I introduce students to the Japanese lantern. Japanese lanterns are used in festivals and ceremonies all over Japan. A Japanese lantern is made from paper (rice paper in Japan). Today we will make lanterns from wallpaper samples. 

I give each child a wallpaper sample that is 30 cm X 40 cm. I tell them that they first need to turn the paper on the back and create a 5 cm. border all around the paper. I model how to hold the ruler at the edge of the paper and then mark where 5cm is. I tell them that they will need to do this several times on each side before connecting the dots to create the border. I want students to be able to choose the centimeter side (the appropriate tool) for the task. (2MD.A.1)

I demonstrate the process and then give students time to complete the process. I hold up my paper and mark 2 dots on one side of the paper, each 5cm from the edge. I connect the dots to make a line. Next I turn the paper and do the same thing on the next side.  I remind students to be careful when measuring (attend to the precision of where the 5cm mark is on the ruler) so the lines come out straight. (MP6).

After the border is drawn, I tell students that they must now make 5 cm strips across the paper parallel to the short sides of the paper. The students will need to measure 5 cm lines  across the paper. 

The next step is to fold the paper in half the long way (like a hot dog bun) with the wallpaper pattern on the inside, so the lines the students have drawn are still visible.  Students must then cut from the fold to the border along each of the lines they drew parallel to the short sides. 

Now they reverse the fold they had made so the wallpaper shows. Finally they need to join the two short side ends and staple it to form the lantern. A handle can be added to the top of the lantern. 

I have students display their lanterns from the ceiling.