Research Process: Preparing for The Final Assessment

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SWBAT demonstrate their ability to use technology to conduct research by using online databases to gather information for their final projects.

Big Idea

Students will research various regions of the modern world as they seek to become experts about the root causes of conflict or advancement in the past 50 years.

Project Work Time Pointers and Reminders

5 minutes

Before we distribute chrome books for work time, I will remind students what their purpose and goals should be for the day based on our overview of the project yesterday. I will ask them to take out their assignment sheet for the final and review the different topics/information that they should be gathering for this assignment with me. 

In addition, I will remind them that all information presented needs to match the needs of their audience (SL.9-10.4), which means that it needs to be formatted and written in such a way that someone could look at their final product and understand the historical, geographical and cultural information that is being presented (W.9-10.2). I will encourage them to look for graphs, images, etc. that will enhance their final presentation (W.9-10.2a). Most importantly, I will remind them that all words need to be their own so as to avoid getting a zero on the project because of plagiarism (W.9-10.8).  

Research Work Time

45 minutes

The remainder of the time will be devoted to student research work (W.9-10.7). Rather than going into the library, we will be using one of our class sets of Chromebooks. While my motives for doing this were mainly availability of resources, I like using the Chromebooks in class for projects like these because it seems to help my students keep their academic focus being in our typical classroom environment. 

I will suggest to students that the best place to begin their research is by creating a general overview of the countries/regions they are studying. As we have not gone into any great detail about these specific areas of the world, students will need to have a general knowledge of the history, culture, geography, political climate, etc., before they are able to analyze where the conflicts might exist.They will be able to work on this with their groups or individually. On that point, I will allow them to decide independently how best to approach their process.

As they work, I will monitor their progress and check in informally with groups about their information and thinking. I will also provide assistance as I can with technology and/or the project as a whole. 

I will also encourage students to use the available technology to share notes and/or a group bibliography (W.9-10.6). We have been using all year long. I will remind them how to log into this and suggest that they use this great tool to create their works cited as they research. 

Wrap Up and Next Steps

5 minutes

At the end of class, I will ask students to share any notes that they took during class. I will accept these as a Google doc or hand written depending on what students choose to do. I will also remind them about their reading homework for To Live