Sequence of Events

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SWBAT use a graphic organizer to sequence and sketch main events in a story.

Big Idea

Visualizing, Sketching and Ordering Main Events!

Active Engagement

10 minutes

"Today students you will hear a modern day fable titled The Three Questions.  Fables and foltales are stories that have been handed down generation after generation to children because they teach an important lesson. What fables can you name?  Turn and compare ideas with each other.

Have a couple of books of fables on hand to show the students to affirm the titles they thought of.  

As you listen think about the lesson this story teaches.  

This story is about a boy named Nicholai who lives in China.  He really wants to know the answer to three questions so that he can be a good person.  The questions are:  When is the right time, Who is the most important one, and What is the most important thing?"  

Post questions.

Say, "Listen for the answers to these questions as I read this book aloud to you. 

The characters in this story are: Nicolai, the boy.  His animal friends: Sonya (a heron), Gogal ( a monkey), Pushkin (a dog), a wise old turtle named Leo, and a mother and baby panda.

Setting is in China.

The problem is Nicolai is searching for answers to his questions that relate to how to be a good person."

Read Aloud and Student Retell

20 minutes

Read the story once to the students.  Have them turn and talk to retell the sequence of events.  Have students start a retell, and call on different students to add on the next event.

I am anticipating that I will have to reread the end section where Leo the turtle talks with Nicolai when he is feeling disappointed about not having the answers to his questions.

After rereading this section, have students offer the lesson they think this story teaches.

Capture their ideas under the document camera.  Ask for evidence from the story to support their ideas.  Have kids come up and point to the section in the book that is evidence.

Independent Work

20 minutes

"Students take a look at this sequencing graphic organizer.  Your job is to read the captions at the bottom of the page.  Take a minute now and read them with your partner."

 Call on students to read the captions.  

"When you go back to your seats, you will cut the captions apart and glue them in the correct order in each square.    Visualize each caption and then draw a picture to illustrate each main event.   Do your best work.  Use colored pencils to make your illustrations convey information and detail."


5 minutes

After 15-20 minutes of work time ask students to share their sequence of events work for the story. Have students comment on what the presenter did to make their illustrations convey information (use of specific details and speech bubbles).

Students who have not finished will complete this activity for homework.  The Share will support them in adding to details to their illustrations.

Remind students to write the lesson the story teaches at the top of their page next to their name.