"Oranges" by Gary Soto

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SWBAT analyze the connotation of figurative language and analyze theme using textual evidence from the poem.

Big Idea

How does figurative language lead to any message?

Day 1

50 minutes

I passed out the “Poetry Analysis form and explained that this analysis was focusing specifically upon figurative language in a poem.  Passing out a copy of "Oranges" by Gary Soto, I asked students to make a prediction about the significance of the title.  I reminded them to keep in mind other stories and poems that Gary Soto had written – that might influence their predictions.  We shared some of the predictions as a whole class.

Next, students silently read the poem to themselves.  Then I asked for a volunteer to read the poem aloud.   As the poem was read aloud, students circled words/phrases that created an image in their mind.

 With a partner, students identified and recorded examples of figurative language within the poem on the “Poetry Analysis” form.  They also answered the questions about rhythm and stanzas.

 Before the end of class, we reviewed the figurative language located within the poem.  If students did not previously locate the information, they could add to their analysis.

(50 min)

Day 2

50 minutes

We began class by having a volunteer summarize the poem, “Oranges” by Gary Soto.   I explained that today each student would be writing a “Theme Analysis”  about this poem.  I provided a template that I wanted them to follow in analyzing the poem.  I explained that they were to use this template the first few times that they analyzed a poem, later, they could change the wording.  However, it was important that they include this type of information in their analysis.

I passed out the template, had them glue it in their notebooks, and reviewed the format with the students.

Independently, students responded to the prompt on the back of the “Poetry Analysis” form.  They used this section to organize their ideas, then wrote a draft on a separate paper following the template.