What Do You Want to Know?? Conducting Research for an Informational Report

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SWBAT use the Internet to answer questions generated for an informational report.

Big Idea

Students must learn how to leverage technology to accomplish everyday tasks in the real world.

Internet Research: An Introduction

10 minutes

Today is a research day!!  The students enter the room ready to receive their graphic organizers back and begin researching the questions they want answers to.  I give the students a short review of finding facts on the Internet.  Starting at the beginning, I show them how to access the Internet, find Google and then where to type their questions.  I insert one of their research questions- "Where was Lebron James born?"  Once all the hits come up, I have to show my students that they actually have to click on a link and explore the website and read around to find the answer if it doesn't jump out at them.


Independent Research Time

40 minutes

After the introductory lesson, it is time for them to begin their own research.  Now, I only have three computers in my class, so I had previously gotten permission from the teachers on my team for my students to use their computers.  I farm all of my students out so each has a computer to use.  

I had pre- planned which kiddos would go to which teacher to use their computers and I had especially picked out the three that would stay with me.  I chose the ones that I knew would have a more difficult time manipulating the websites and the search engines.  Grouping students in this way gave me, in essence, a small intervention group to work with and assist in their research.


Lesson Wrap Up

15 minutes

Toward the end of class, I send a student to retrieve all of the students that were visiting other classrooms and gather them back together as a group.  We debrief some of the facts that the kiddos found and discussed how much more time they would need for research.  They all agreed that they may need one more day.  Many students ask to take their papers home and this time I allow it, but caution them not to lose all their precious work.