Algebra Review Stations

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SWBAT review algebra.

Big Idea

Students travel through stations to work on algebra problems.

Do Now

10 minutes

At this point in the unit students should have an understanding of algebra vocabulary.  Students will receive the Matching_Algebra worksheet to complete.  Although students should be familiar with the vocabulary, I will encourage them to use their notes to help them. Students will have 10 minutes to complete the sheet independently and then they will discuss their answers with their group.  Students may have difficulty with and confuse the terms: constant, quantity, phrase and algebraic expression.

Setting up the Stations

5 minutes

This lesson has 8 stations that will be set up around the classroom.  Stations will be clearly labeled with numbers.  Each station will be placed on a table with manipulatives and diagrams for students to use, if necessary.  Each station will have a number line diagram, a coordinate plane, and algebra tiles.

Station Work

30 minutes

Students will be divided into 8 heterogeneous groups of four.  Throughout the station work(See Algebra Stations Problems), students will be encouraged to discuss their work and answers, so it is important to have different math levels and learning styles within the groups.

Although the focus of the station work is algebra, past topics are covered as well.

 Each group will receive an Algebra Stations Answer Sheet. Students should have their notebooks with them to refer back to and to use for work.  Each group will begin at an assigned station.  They should collaboratively work on the problems for that station and write their final answers on the answer sheet.  Groups will have 4 - 5 minutes at each station and then they will rotate to the next station.  When each group has completed, we will go over the answers as a class.  I will display the questions on the board for each station and randomly select groups to explain their strategy and answers.  


Note:  For fun, this lesson could be turned into a competition/game among the groups.

Lesson Summary

5 minutes

After reviewing the answers to each station with the class, I will discuss any observations I've made while groups were working.  For example, students often confuse the distributive and associative properties. We will review the difference between the properties.