Firsthand Account of My Life Changing Experience

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SWBAT write an autobiographical version of a life changing experience that a was also written about by a friend in the previous lesson.

Big Idea

In this lesson, students will compose a written piece on a life changing experience they have had. Their friends interviewed and wrote about this experience in our previous lesson. In our next lesson, we will compare the similarities and differences in t



15 minutes

The students have now interviewed each other and written about the life changing events of the friend they interviewed.  In this lesson, we will write a firsthand account of that same life-changing experience. In our next lesson, we will take it a step further, where we will compare and contrast our version with the version written by our friend.

To begin our lesson, I will remind the students that yesterday a friend interviewed us and wrote about our life changing experience.  Today, just as Ruby Bridges did in "Through My Eyes," we will write about our life changing experience from our own perspective.  

Coles, R. (1995). The Story of Ruby Bridges. New York, NY : Scholastic Inc.

Bridges, R. (1999). Through My Eyes. New York, NY : Scholastic Inc.


My Life Changing Event

45 minutes

We have done a lot of writing this year which has been graded with rubrics or which has been discussed in a writing conference with me.  I feel it is important for the students to experience the trading process free of constraints of the restrictions at some points within the school year.  This is one of those times where the writing is not the real focus of this assignment. The focus will be in our next lesson to compare the written works of both the friend who interviewed and wrote about the life-changing experience and the student's own version of the life-changing experience. In essence we will be comparing our own firsthand and secondhand experiences.

I will explain to the students that I will not be grading their writing, but that I expect their best work.  I will then give the students the remainder of the class time to work on composing their paper on their life-changing experience.


15 minutes

Once the students have completed their autobiographical piece, I will inform the students of what is to come in our next lesson. I will let them know that just as we compared and contrasted the Robert Coles version and Ruby Bridges own version of her life experience, will be comparing and contrasting our own versions of our life-changing experience with that of the friend who interviewed us.