Fractions 1: Comparing Fractions and Decimals Assessment

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SWBAT show they know how to compare fractions and decimals and prove their work using drawings, < > = signs, and writing responses.

Big Idea

Students take an assessment to prove they can compare fractions and decimals and prove their work using drawings and symbols.

Getting our minds set

10 minutes

To get our brains all set for our test, we got our iPads out and logged onto Oh No Fractions! for 5 minutes. I wanted them to remember how fractional models help us compare fractions and have a chance to play with the manipulative bars on this app. I stopped after about 5 minutes to ask if they had any questions about comparing fractions using bar models or number lines.

I drew number lines and bars on the board and quickly reviewed how we use them to compare fractions. I also reviewed the greater than and less than signs. We reviewed that good written math answers always have an example within the explanation or possibly drawings to refer to. I asked them what they needed to remember to efficiently solve any word problems on the test.

After no one asked any questions, I believed it was time to begin!

The Test

45 minutes

Assessment for Fractions & Decimals

This test will show if students understand equivalency involving fractions and decimals. It assesses how well they can compare fractions and decimals and if they can write explanations of their understanding. I passed out the test. I read the goals at the top of the page and the directions to them asking if there were any questions about the test. They began and it took about 45 minutes for everyone to complete it.