Close Reading with Text Analysis

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SWBAT use the close reading strategies to analyze a complex text.

Big Idea

Students' skills are pushed to the limit when they are asked to work with a complex text.

Advanced Organizer

15 minutes

I want the students to review the lesson's objective from yesterday because it will help them with the activity today.  

I will ask the students to explain what close reading is and how it can be helpful to reading and understanding text.  It is important for them to understand the purpose of doing what we are doing.  

I will allow the students a few minutes to reflect in their spirals and then I will ask them to share their thoughts with their Shoulder Partners  This will allow them to refine their thoughts and be more prepared for the activity today.  

Independent Practice

30 minutes

Yesterday we read the story The Wounded Wolf and worked on our strategies for close reading.  The students worked hard to identify important text and draw conclusions from that text.  

Today, I want the students to analyze the story and answer the questions on the handout. These questions are text dependent and require the students to go back into the text to locate their answers.  

I will allow the students time to work.  At this point, I will pull the struggling students together and work with them in a group.  I know they will need guidance and scaffolding with the questions.  The text is complex and for most of the students will cause their to struggle.  However, I still want them to work with this text because it is important they learn to work with complex text.  

I can collect  the questions to assess for understanding and for future lessons.  


5 minutes

Today, I want the students to reflect on their learning.  I will ask the students to answer the questions on Closure Slip.  This will ask them to identify the skills they used to answer the questions on the handout.