Synthesizing Our Research: Chinese History Mini-Presentations

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SWBAT demonstrate their ability to research a variety of topics and present information clearly and concisely by revising their Chinese culture projects and choosing information to present out loud to their classmates.

Big Idea

To ensure that students have all the information they need on key ideas from Chinese culture, we will spend time preparing and presenting information from our research.

Reading Quiz and SSR

20 minutes

I will give the students a short reading quiz today to see if any of our character mapping and theme discussion from last week has helped them to comprehend the reading a little better than their quizzes showed last week. Rather than a formal quiz like I gave last week, I will give them a word quiz today.

This is something I like to do as a less formal check in with books we are reading. Basically, I choose five or so words from the section of text that is due today and ask students to tell me as much as they can about those words/ideas. For today's quiz, I will ask them to tell me as much as they can about the following: 

  • Rubber shoes
  • Liberation Army
  • Land Reforms
  • Fengxia
  • Younqing

These words represent major plot points, historical/cultural connections (RL.9-10.6) and character development (RL.9-10.3) that happened in the passage students read this weekend. Hopefully, the quizzes will also demonstrate my students' ability to read closely. 

I will post these words in a Powerpoint slide and tell students they have 20 total minutes to take their quiz and then do their SSR time for the day. 

Chinese History Mini Presentation Prep

10 minutes

After students have finished their quiz and reading, we will move on to the second focus of our day, which is to review the information that students researched on Friday. 

As I glanced through the projects that were submitted, I was not entirely sure that my students had gotten the information that is needed to really understand key ideas from Chinese culture and history for both the book and their final project.

My history partner and I brainstormed a little and decided that we would take an extra day today to hone in on a few key terms/ideas and have students revise their work to create brief presentations on two of the fifteen terms he and I chose from our list. Each group will randomly draw two terms to focus on. Our hope is that students will become more expert on a few key ideas through extra research/focus. Additionally, by listening to their peers present information on other terms, they can create additional notes to study from and build on for their final project. 

I will project instructions for their revision process on a Powerpoint slide and instruct students to spend a brief amount of time looking at the information they have gathered, add to it through further research (W.9-10.7) and prepare to present. I will have groups present terms/ideas in order of when they are referenced in the novel, so groups might not present both terms at once, but hopefully, as the rest of the class listens, they will be able to take notes in such a way that they can review the book chronologically according to the plot and history.

Chinese Mini Presentations

25 minutes

After giving students a brief amount of time to prepare their presentations, we will call students up to present their information (SL.9-10.4). Each group will choose a representative to speak on their behalf. My history teaching partner has offered to give a little of his class time to finish these, so we will do as many as we can to wrap up my half of the block and finish them in his. 

As they are presenting, I will ask the rest of the class to add to their research notes anything that is new to them. My teaching partner and I will fill in gaps if students don't go into as much depth as we need them to. I will also randomly call on students to make connections to the novel.