My Daily LIfe

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SWBAT write a response that connects what their roles would be if they were raised in Ancient Greece.

Big Idea

In this lesson students are asked to connect to the daily life of an Ancient Greek. They will read and annotate to help them understand their role as and adult and child in Ancient Greece.

Read to Connect

10 minutes

Students will be reading and annotating articles on greek daily life in pairs. To begin the lesson, I ask the class to read the two articles on daily greek life. I copy the articles onto paper so that each pair has them and can write and make notes on them. The first article is on culture and daily life. The second article is on children and their life in ancient Greece.  


Discussion and Note Taking

10 minutes

I explain that within their pairs, students will need to make sure that they understand the readings. They need to create a collective set of notes and annotate the articles to understand what daily life is. I suggest that the class create 4 square notes. This is where they fold a lined piece of paper in fourths and fill in each box with important facts. They might label each box with the following: men, women, children, and other interesting facts. 

They need to discuss the notes that they are taking to make sure that they understand what they have read. When they have had time to collect their notes, I call the class back together to check their understanding. During this check in, I ask students questions about the article and write notes onto the white board for key facts that they tell me. 

My Life Writing Response

10 minutes

Now that we have read, written notes, and discussed the daily life, the class is ready to write a response. I explain that they will be given a half sheet of paper to write their response on. On the paper they will write as if they are an Ancient Greek and will need to write about a day in their life. The idea of the paragraph is to use their notes and the reading to give details to their writing. I remind students that I am looking for details from their notes that shows what they learned about the daily life of Ancient Greeks.