Vocabulary, iPads, and Sentence Sharing

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SWBAT research, define, and write their own sentences using specific words from Number the Stars.

Big Idea

Every two chapters, I have students learn six new vocabulary words. In this lesson, students will use the iPads to find their definitions and work in groups to create a sentence to share the meaning and to teach the class the new word.

The Words and Our Groups

5 minutes

For chapters 11 and 12 I have chosen the following words for the students to learn as relevant vocabulary: imitating, protruding, encased, commotion, rummaging, and ______. We have been defining most of our vocabulary words wither during or after our reading. In this lesson, we are going to become familiar with them before we read. 

To start, I explain that we are going to learn our words first and then we will know them when we come to them in our reading. For each vocabulary word their will be a team of students that will be in charge of defining their word. The team will need a white board, marker, and an iPad. I then give out a lined piece of paper for them to write their new vocabulary onto. However, they will not need their paper until the very end. I want them to have it to write their group number on it. 

I then explain the rules. I will number the class off 1-6. When they get into their group they will be given one of our new vocabulary words. As a team they will use the iPad to find the defintion and then use the definition to create a sentence. The sentence will need to have the word in it. 

I go around the room and number the students. I then have them get into their groups and assigne someone to get the materials they need. 

Collaborating for Meaning

15 minutes

Now that groups are created, students will work within them to define the word they were given Each group will have a different word and be responsible for only researching and creating a sentence for that word. They will use the iPad to search the definition and then create a sentence that relates to our story. I then give them time to work. 

Sharing and Teaching

10 minutes

Each group only needs to create one sentence. Once we are ready, the class will return to their seats for presentations. Each group will present their vocabulary word, it's definition and then their sentence. When they come up they will write the sentence they created on the white board to share with the class. The class will then copy the sentence, and we will discuss the word's meaning.

When a sentence is written we discuss how it was used and if we could use context clues to figure out the definition. We also briefly discuss how many other ways we might be able to use the word in other sentences.