Planning Your Argument

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SWBAT use the information they have accumulated to create an organized plan for their argument.

Big Idea

We're armed, now we need a plan.

Warm Up

5 minutes

Today is Trailer Tuesday, so I will show students a book trailer or two depending on length. I select trailers for new release books and great books that students aren't picking up. (The link provided will take you to an earlier lesson with my reflection explaining more about my use of book trailers.)

There are several sites online for locating book trailers.  A quick search on you tube will locate several. Of course, always preview the trailer before showing a class.

Independent Work

45 minutes

Today, students will move into the "planning" phase.  They will use the information they recorded yesterday and spend time researching for the information they realize they now need.

To help them see the gaps in their current information, students will use the argument prewriting sheet to outline their argument and prepare to conference with me.

I will be circulating around the room, reading over shoulders, etc.  and helping/advising as needed.

Note that the prewriting sheet attached here is probably the 6th or 7th version.  In fact, I altered the sheet on this very day of class.  See the video in this lesson for what it looked like at the beginning of the day and why I changed it -mid class.  The video in the next lesson will elaborate on the sheet itself in terms of conferencing value.

Wrap Up

5 minutes

To wrap up class today, I'll bring the class together to review a few areas of need that I've noticed while monitoring their work. For example, several students are lacking in their explanation of why their reasons are relevant.