Research Part 1

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SWBAT use the time in class to locate support for their argument.

Big Idea

Playing on the internet…?

Warm Up

5 minutes

Normally, the warm up each Friday is 15 minutes of reading time for my students called "Free Read Friday".

Today, however, is Valentine's Day, so I have a little tradition to continue.  Each Valentine's Day, I do a read aloud of "the most famous love story of all time" - Romeo and Juliet at the Mall.

This is not Shakespeare's original work of course, or let's be honest, I'd never be able to do this! This is from a Janet Allen read aloud anthology I've had for years.  I luckily found a link to a copy online.  You can find this piece beginning on page 63.  

By the way, you must do the whole "valley girlish" voice when reading this!  My students roll laughing!  

Additionally, the first time I read this was when "beepers" were still in and Carson Daily was still on MTV.  So, some of the content is a little dated.  Hence, you may want to make a few adjustments to make the most of it for your students.  It's so worth it though and it gives them some insight to the story that so many others are based on.  We always discuss that point after the reading.


30 minutes

Today's lesson is all about "play" that really is work.  Middle school students love to fish around on the internet, so I'm going to use that.

Using what they practiced yesterday, students are going to research and brainstorm; however, they are not allowed to "google" anything.  I have sent out the message and links below on Edmodo and will require students to only venture into these sites today.  Their goal is to see what is out there and select a current topic that is relevant to their age group and interests them.  I'll ask them to take notes in their journal (remembering what Ms. Gordon told them yesterday about quoting and citation) about about a topic or topics that catch their attention.

Before beginning, I'll ask for silence - other than quiet conferences with me, so students can read uninterrupted.

Posted on Edmodo:

Today I would like each of you to consider/search online newspapers or magazines for your specific topic or to help you choose a current, relevant topic.


Wrap Up

5 minutes

To wrap up class today, I'll ask students to finish their notes and share their thoughts and findings with a partner to bounce ideas off one another.