How To Do Quality Research & Citation

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SWBAT research a topic and cite sources correctly.

Big Idea

Locating and using the thoughts of others as SUPPORT for our thinking.

Warm Up

15 minutes

To open class today, I'm going to go back to the short answer responses students wrote a few weeks ago to make a point.

I handed these back and shared during the "warm up" here, but today I'm focusing on the research and citation aspect only to demonstrate the need for todays lesson.



20 minutes

If you follow me you know I am a fan of bringing our school Librarian/Media Specialist into the classroom to teach with me.  Her expertise make this an obvious day to invite her in.

So, for today's lesson she will work from the "need" that we just established in the warm up to talk to the class about "scholarly sources" and plagiarism.

Students will take each handout (all included here in resources) from the caddy as she reviews and discusses each concept.

Wrap Up

20 minutes

Students complete fictional task.  With the attached PDF, Ms. Gordon models a portion of the correct result.