Conclusions Without Repetition, Please

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SWBAT write an effective conclusion.

Big Idea

Finish strong - no repeats.

Warm Up

5 minutes

When students enter the room the following will be on the SMART board:

Table discussion:

In your argument writing, you have each introduced an issue and given reasons to support your stand on the issue. As we conclude your piece today, what do we need to do for our audience?  

Hint: check out "Homework Revolution" (used in previous classes to discuss the introduction and body). What did this author do?


After a few minutes of discussion, I'll read the conclusion to "Homework Revolution" and ask tables to share their thoughts.  What did this author do?  Is the conclusion effective?

My students thought the conclusion was effective.  The author

1.  Gave suggestions instead of just leaving the problem unsolved

2.  Connected back to the beginning of the piece to tie everything up

3.  Ended on a positive note that makes it sound good and right (patriotic in the case of "Homework Revolution") for all to help out this issue.

4.  Did not simply repeat ideas already presented (I brought this out. My students did not see it.)


Lesson & Independent Writing

35 minutes

At this point, we'll move into writing time.  I'll leave the list of what worked in "Homework Revolution" on the screen and circulate around the room to assist as needed.

Some students will finish early. In this case, I pair them with another student in the room for peer conferencing by having them share their pieces on Google Docs, comment and revise.

Wrap Up

10 minutes

To wrap up class today, I'll pair students up and ask that they share their pieces on google docs with their partner.  Then, I'll give them our final ten minutes to comment on each others work.

Homework - make revisions based on your partners comments.