Presenting Character Resumes: Summative Assessment Using Powerpoint or Glogster (Day 3 of 3)

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SWBAT demonstrate their comprehension and analysis of character development by presenting the information clearly and logically to the class.

Big Idea

Students are asked to present their final projects to their peers in a logical and informative manner.


10 minutes

Word Splash

I use this WORD SPLASH to display words that represent themes, symbols, and events in the play. This strategy gives my students a chance to relate the words or concepts to the main topic of the play.  It will help prepare them for today's lesson by reviewing characters and events that they will include in their projects.

Using a docucamera, I project this Word Splash on a screen and ask students to think of a sentence using several of these words to describe the play, A Raisin in the Sun.  After a few minutes I ask them to share their sentences with a partner.  Once students have generated statements for each of the words, I ask several students to share their sentences with the class.

Building Knowledge

10 minutes

I quickly review the POWER POINT PRESENTATION and GLOGSTER  direction sheets with the class to make certain that all students understand what needs to be included in their final products RL.9-10.3.  The goal of this project is to give students alternative ways to demonstrate their ability to comprehend and analyze characters, theme, and plot in the play A Raisin in the Sun.  They will accomplish this through the use of technology including the Internet ( to produce, publish, and update individual and shared writing products.  They have the opportunity to take advantage of technology's capacity to link to other information while displaying information flexibly and dynamically W.9-10.6.

Review Assignment #2

I next explain that for those students who have already completed their projects or are almost finished, they will be given an inspiring short story to read entitled, The Last Cab Ride, by Kent Nerburn.  I tell my students that while this short story unfolds, they will get an insight  into the main character's compassion for the elderly as demonstrated by the caring for Mama in the play A Raisin in the Sun.  I also explain that when they complete reading the story they will then take quiz on  I have found that using this assessment tool, my students are more apt to engage in the reading and critical thinking necessary to pass the quiz.  

This will act as a sponge activity for those who finish early.  Sponge activities keep students engaged and "soak up" time that would otherwise be wasted the class time as well as act as enrichment activities to augment the reading we are doing in the unit.

Student Learning Activity

40 minutes

Students are now asked to pick up a lap top and take out their directions sheet which they will refer to when completing the task.  They can work either individually or with a partner. to receive peer support during the project,  I instruct students who have had little or no past experience with designing a power point presentation to sit with a partner who has.

As students are working on writing their resumes or drawing on information from the play for their power points, W.9-10.9,  I circulate among them checking for understanding for completion of their projects.  

Students who have completed their projects read the short story, The Last Cab Driver, and then take this comprehension quiz I designed on which asks them to cite evidence for the short story to support their answers RL.9-10.1.  FYI - You have the option of downloading photos to integrate into your quiz but for some reason when I copied the quiz the photo's doubled which is not on the original quiz.



Wrap Up

15 minutes

Group Share

I ask for a few volunteers to share with the class their finished product, either a power point presentation or a Gloster resume. They take turns bringing their lap tops to the front of the room, connect it to the projector  and present their finished product to the class as required in standard SL.9-10.4.  The direction sheets acted as a grading guide for their projects.

Prior to this I explained to the students that creating the slideshow of resume is one part of the project.  A good classroom presentation is created by students who are comfortable with what they are going to talk about.  When creating their project, I remind them that the slide show is meant to accompany their oral presentations therefore they should not write too much on each slide but should be ready to share the essential information about each character's development.  This expectation is important because in the past I have found that students make the mistake of  writing their whole speech on the slides.

Before they leave I ask them to put their completed learning packets on my desk on the way out which I will grade and return the following day. These packets were given to them at the beginning of this unit and students referred to it throughout the play while answering questions and filling in organizers for the elements of fiction such as: characterization, plot summary, symbols, and themes. Copies of each page of the learning packet are integrated into the previous lessons on A Raisin in the Sun.