Character Resumes: Self-Generated Summative Assessment (Day 2 of 2)

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SWBAT demonstrate an understanding of character development by citing evidence of the text and reviewing the text to create a character's resume. SWBAT use technology to present or publish writing projects by designing a Power Point Presentation or character resume.

Big Idea

Day 2 for students who are given academic choice through the use of digital media to show what they know about the characters in a Raisin in the Sun.


10 minutes

Grouping Cards

I want to review character traits and prepare students for the character resume assessments that they are completing. For today's activator I pass out index cards that have a variety of information on them about the play's characters, RL.9-10.3, symbols, and events.  I ask my students to find a partner who has the match for their word.  When they locate the match both partners sit down.  This is a timed activity (no more than 2-4 minutes depending on the number of students in your class). 

After the time is up or all students are seated, I facilitate a group share of the matching information, SL.9-10.1a.  Students are welcome to share the cards for their power point or glogster resume projects.

Building Knowledge

20 minutes

After viewing student work from the previous days lesson,  I want to give them some feedback on what they are doing that is enhancing their power points or resumes as well as what can be done to improve their presentation by strengthening their writing as needed by revising, editing and alternatives to designing a more creative project W.9-10.5.

I project my computer screen so the class can watch as I demonstrate a variety of ways to improve their projects based on my review of what they've done so far.  

I explain that good writing doesn't simply mean writing that contains no bad mistakes such as no errors of grammar, punctuation, or spelling. I tell them that good writing is much more than just correct writing. It's writing that responds to the interests and needs of their readers.  I want their writing to have a defined purpose and support a definite point with specific information about the characters they choose to write about.

As I demonstrate the various things they can improve their projects,  I ask for feedback from students what they think about my suggestions as well as asking them to share additional ideas with the class.  I invite these students to sit at my computer to demonstrate and share their information with the class as required in standard SL.9-10.1.


Student Learning Activity

35 minutes

Students are now asked to pick up a lap top and take out their direction sheet which they will refer to when completing the task.  They can work either individually or with a partner.  I instruct students who have had little or no past experience with designing a power point presentation to sit with a partner who has this experience so they can get support from a peer during the project.

As students are working on writing their resumes or drawing on information from the play for their power points, W.9-10.9,  I circulate among them checking for understanding while students work on their projects and give feedback as well as words of encouragement to maintain on- task behavior and creative thinking.

Wrap Up

10 minutes

Ticket to Leave

As student are working, during the last several minutes of the class I circulate though the class asking each student one question about a character, theme, symbol or event in their presentation because they will be presenting their projects during the next days lesson.  They then log off their computers and return them to the lap top cart before the bell rings.