Creating a Menu Project

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SWBAT solve percent problems.

Big Idea

Students create a restaurant menu with math requirements.

Do Now

10 minutes

At this point in the Ratios Unit, students should be able to solve percent problems.  For the Do Now, I will assess students' ability to solve a percent problem, before they begin the project.

Do Now

Ms. Lovings ate $25 worth of food.  She had a coupon for 20% off.  How much was her final bill?

Students will be given 5 - 10 minutes to solve the problem. There are different strategies that students may use for solving this problem: completing a ratio table, using a proportion, changing the percent to a decimal and multiplying.  A common mistake that students make is that they only find 20% of 25 to be 5, which is the amount of the coupon.  They don't realize that they need to subtract this from the total to find the discounted amount.


Menu Project

15 minutes

The menu project includes several topics in this unit: using percents, converting and comparing percents, fractions, and decimals.  Students will work on this project in class over a period of 3 days.  (If the project is given to students to work on at home, I would suggest that it be an individual project.)  A fourth day will be spent with groups reviewing each other's projects and answer the applicable questions.

Students will be heterogeneously grouped in fours.  I will encourage the low level math students to ask questions of their group to ensure their understanding.  Also, I will encourage the high level students to lead, but not order their group through the project.  It may be helpful to explain to these students what productive leaders look like.  "Group leaders keep their group on task.  They make sure that everyone contributes ideas and asks for help."

 Students will receive a copy of the Creating A Menu Project.  

Day 1

We will read through the directions as a class.  I will explain my expectations and the rubric to students.  Students will have the opportunity to ask clarifying questions.

The introduction to the lesson may consume most of the class period.  If there is any remaining time, groups should begin brainstorming restaurant themes.

Day 2

Groups should focus on completing the math needed to determine how many of each item they will need to include on their menu.  They should agree and choose their menu items.  As a homework assignment, students should bring in pictures for their menu.

Day 3

Groups should complete the menu.  They will work on the written questions and answer key for their menu.

Day 4

Groups will exchange menus.  They will work together to answer the questions.

Daily Review

5 minutes

Although I will be monitoring the groups as they work and I will be available to help, it is important that as a class we discuss the project at the end of each day.  Students will have the opportunity to ask questions