Using an Oreo to Craft an Argument Part 2

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SWBAT use the OREO recipe and someone else's research to craft an argument.

Big Idea

Working out the "bugs" in our writing with a "You Write It" task from Scope.

Warm Up

10 minutes

I have been out of town, so to open class today, we need to get on the same page.

To do this I will distribute their short answer responses from our last lesson so they can see my remarks.  We'll also review using pictures of sample pieces that I uploaded.  I'll display these on the SMART board and discuss the pros and cons of their efforts.  This is to prepare them for a new shot at the same concept today.


40 minutes

In an effort to learn from their mistakes, students will use the OREO plan (from previous lessons) and online sources to complete a short argument for Scholastic Scope's  "You write it" feature.  If you follow me, you know that I am a huge fan of Scope magazine.  This feature is just one of many writing tasks incorporated into the magazine. There are few things that are this worth my hard earned classroom money. Scope magazine for my classroom is a must have.

Note that I have only shared a portion of the infographic used in this assignment.  Due to copyright protections the full text is only for subscribers.  I can share the full materials though and those are attached.

The materials are self explanatory.  Within the Infographic on their Scope magazine, they are given their task. Using only the information in the infographic they are to write to the owner of the "Scope Bistro" and convince him to add a few "bug" dishes to the menu.

Wrap Up

5 minutes

To wrap up class, students will take a handout from the caddy.  The handout is the blank OREO outline they have used before.  I'll ask that they complete the handout tonight based on their response today - to self-assess. This outline will help them determine if they did a thorough job or not.