Math Scavenger Hunt

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SWBAT use knowledge gained throughout the year to solve various problems.

Big Idea

Students participate in a scavenger hunt. Earning points for different review activities.

Math Scavenger Hunt

60 minutes

This lesson is designed to help students review what they have learned throughout fifth grade.  For the next two days, student will take the Math MCAS (Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System) assessment.  This state wide test is a rigorous, comprehensive assessment.  It is my goal to have students feeling successful, confident and motivated when they enter the testing environment. 

Today, we take a break from shapes and their attributes to work on building confidence through a review activity.  I have designed this scavenger hunt so that all of my students have choices.  They may choose one activity or a few that they find interesting to them.  Today, they work independently on these challenges.

Although they are working on this scavenger hunt independently, students are encouraged to ask classmates and teachers when they need help. 

To introduce the lesson, I ask students share in just one word, how they feel about the MCAS tomorrow.  

Next, I explain the purpose of this lesson to help all students feel confident, prepared, and excited for assessment.

I present the scavenger hunt to the students by showing the list I have made and then allowing them to make their own twists.  Students add neat and organized (10 points) and help a friend (5 points). This tool is a suggested reference for your classroom.  I have used the text book as a tool to provide students with a review opportunity.  To adjust this to best fit your classroom, you could provide students with problems that represent each of the units taught, or provide students with a list of topics and ask them to generate and solve their own problems. 

Together we determine that there will be no individual winner.  This competition is a group effort.  We will add all of the points earned at the end of class.  Then, the two classes will compete against one another.  All students in the winning class will earn a homework pass.


5 minutes

To wrap up the review, students are invited to write their point contribution on the board. These points will be added together at the end to show the class total.  

At this time, students are also given a star.  I play "Let It Shine"  and then encourage the students to write a promise to themselves about how they will shine tomorrow on their assessment.  These are displayed "promise side in, name side out" on the board for motivation during the MCAS test.