Sonoran Desert Scenarios: Addition and Subtraction Word Problems

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SWBAT read and write number words. SWBAT solve addition and subtraction word problems by identifying necessary information.

Big Idea

Numbers in context make more sense than they do in isolation.

Mini Lesson

10 minutes

Students come to the carpet with their whiteboards and markers and we review reading and writing number words: Number Word Mini Lesson.

Active Engagement

50 minutes

The first part of this practice is a review of (mini informal formative) number words.  Students may work with a partner on this.  I monitor them to see if there is a child in a partnership that doesn't understand and I record that information in my anecdotal notes.

Then, students work with a partner and read and analyze the word problems, looking for the pertinent information and setting up the addition and subtraction problem.  I walk around to prompt them to talk about what they are doing in complete sentences.

Student study page:  Word Problems Number Words AZ Sonora MX

Examples of student errors and my analysis:  Student Work Examples