Problem Based Investigation (Day 2 of 2): Group Research and Reasoning

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SWBAT demonstrate their ability to conduct short research projects by researching Chinese terms and ideas that connect to To Live.

Big Idea

Spending time in the library to see what research students are capable of accomplishing in a 52 minutes.

Reminders of Task and Purpose

2 minutes

We will skip SSR today so that students have a full class period to work on their research and project. Yesterday, students were able to create a strategy for their research today, which I will expect them to put into action as they work today.

Before we leave for the library, I will remind them of the goals and purposes of the project, which are basically to create an informative/explanatory text (W.9-10.2) about Chinese terms, concepts and ideas as presented in To Live.

Group Research and Product Creation Time

50 minutes

The remainder of the period will be collaborative work time. I will remind students about the tools and resources that are available to them, such as databases, Google Apps, Easy Bib, etc. 

As they work, I will circulate to ensure that everyone is staying on task and being thoughtful about their process. I will also offer suggestions for final product formats and nag them to make sure they are citing sources correctly and translating the information that they find into their own words so they can avoid plagiarizing (and earning zero points for their projects). 

I will be assessing them on four big things in their final products:

  • Their ability to conduct research and synthesize information (W.9-10.7
  • Their thoughtfulness in the process of creating informative text, specifically their thinking about style and tone (W.9-10.2e) and their ability to develop their topic with relevant facts and sufficient details (W.9-10.2b).
  • Their ability to connect their research to the novel (W.9-10.9).
  • A formal, MLA works cited page, which they can submit to me electronically via Google docs of Easy Bib (W.9-10.8).

Wrap Up and Next Steps

3 minutes

I will likely not take this time away from their research time, but I will make sure to leave enough minutes at the end of class to have the students clean up our library space and to remind them to share their work with me and/or print and turn things in.