Creating Cultural Context: Chinese History Timelines

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SWBAT analyze the Chinese cultural view as presented in To Live by creating historical timelines of major events and ideas from the novel's setting.

Big Idea

To understand the novel, To Live, more clearly, students will analyze the historical context of 20th century China.

To Live Reading Quiz and SSR time

25 minutes

I will actually be gone today, so I will ask my sub to give a reading quiz over the first 43 pages of the novel. All of the questions are meant to help me see how well the students recognize how the characters are being used to develop the plot (RL.9-10.3), since this the main literary/narrative technique employed by the author.

This will be a way for me to hold students accountable to their reading, but also a way for me to see where I might need to give additional instruction or clarify events or characters from the book. This is a book I think they should be able to read very independently (RL.9-10.10). These quizzes will help me to gauge if that is true as well as to hold student accountable for keeping up with their reading.  

Once students are done with their quiz, I will ask my sub to have students read until all students are finished. 

Creating Chinese History Timelines

25 minutes

The remaining class time will be used for students to do a quick overview of the historical context of the novel. We will be going into this more specifically later in the week, but I want students to have a sense of big events, political leaders and social/cultural characteristics of the To Live's setting, so they can speak more fluently about the key differences between China and other cultures we've studied this year (RL.9-10.6). 

My history partner helped me to design this lesson (and actually gave students some time to work on it yesterday during the double history block). As such, we will ask students to use their textbooks as a resource and ask them to limit their exploration to 20th century history. 

Students will be working with partners on these timelines and they will be due a few days from now. 

Wrap Up and Next Steps

5 minutes

I will ask my sub to use the last few minutes of class to clean up the classroom and get all materials put away. I will also ask her to remind students to be keep up with the reading (the schedule is listed on a bookmark) as we have another 20 pages due in a few days. I will also ask her to remind them that they need to be paying close attention to the development of Fugui's story as well as the cultural experiences/ideas that are being presented by the author (RL.9-10.3 and RL.9-10.6)