Why and How with APA Citation

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SWBAT correctly use APA citation and explain why.

Big Idea

Author. Date. Title. Address. Repeat. Using APA citation correctly.

Do Now: I Say Citation, You Say...

5 minutes

"Noooo!" (That's really what they said--apparently they have bad memories from citation study. At least they have memories!)

I start today with the question, "What do you remember about APA citation?"

After the groans and protests, students are able to share that they have to cite at the end of the paper and within the paper, though they don't remember the exact format. That's okay--we'll review today.

APA Citation: a Review

30 minutes

Next, we review the methods for citing electronic sources since students will only use electronic sources for their research project. In our school, we teach APA citation because APA is more common in a variety of subject areas. I briefly mention that MLA exists and when students might need to use it in the future but go no further.

After a basic review, we practice citing an electronic source together. Then, I show common errors and where they might score on the rubric. Missing information is a major problem in citation, so it is scored much lower on the rubric.

A Life Proposal

15 minutes

With a review of citation done, we're ready to practice! Together, we read through the research assignment, a life proposal. This assignment asks students to research their future life: post-high school training, career, and living costs. For some students, the assignment is scary, but the truth is that these juniors will need to make decisions about college in just a few months. The future isn't all that far away, and this assignment will at least help them explore the possibilities available to them.

I pass out research note sheets to help students keep track of their information (and make sure they are citing and considering source reliability, a topic of study for another lesson). Then, they have a few minutes to begin their research.

**Note: source reliability is a critical skill in the CCSS and, you might notice, appears on the resources here. We address this in a future lesson.