Poetry Analysis (paired text) Part 2 -Poetry Lesson 8

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SWBAT analyze the poem "The Tornado".

Big Idea

Opening the poem up to analyze it's insides!

Warm Up

15 minutes

To open class today, we will begin with the poll from yesterday.  I will pull up the results on the SMART board and discuss the question.  "What type of poem is "The Tornado"?

I'll have students open the article on their laptops and scroll to the page with the poem for discussion. I want to correct misunderstandings and get everyone on the same page.  For example, several students answered narrative.  I'm guessing that is because a "story" is mentioned in the poem.  

We'll get down to that the poem is written in free verse, and I'll ask students if they think the form of the poem relates to subject of a tornado, and if maybe this was a purposeful choice by the poet. This will lead us into an analysis of the poem.


25 minutes

As a continuation of what we began yesterday, I'll ask students to take an Analyzing "The Tornado" handout from the caddy.  They are on their own for this. I want to see how they fair independently.  The questions walk them through step by step, so it's a good fit for them at this point.

We'll review the directions.  Then, I'll give them time to work.

Wrap Up

15 minutes

To wrap up class today, we will review their work and talk about what it means to truly analyze a poem.  I'll make the comparison to analyzing in science - disecting a frog or bug.  I want them to see this as opening the poem up, dividing it up and checking out the insides.

Using the poem on the SMART board and student volunteers, so when we are finished there will be notes all over the poem demonstrating the messy analysis. My middle schoolers love this concept.