Lesson 30

Extra! Extra! Read All About It! Duel Ends in Tragic Death!

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SWBAT write a news article expressing a viewpoint about a historical event

Big Idea

Having a viewpoint is one thing, but writing about it is entirely different.


Today the students will use the information gained over the past few days to tell write an article expressing what they think really happened between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton. They have sifted through lots of information and should be ready to do this. I'll start by reading them the writing assignment and let them discuss their ideas with each other. I find that letting them talk bout ideas first always gears them up to write. I also will review our process of writing from my writing block during this time. We've been working on opinion pieces, so I'll be doing a quick review of what I should see while they area working today. 

Independent Writing

45 minutes

While the students are working, I'll be conferencing just as I do during my writer's workshop. I want to mainly focus on what the students have chosen for their topic to make sure they aren't retelling the whole event. I can see this as a possible pitfall even thought the assignment is pretty specific. You know how easily they can get off topic! 

I've provided a graphic organizer and a mini-lesson that were helpful to review today. Use them if they might work for your kiddos. 

To wrap up, the kids will share some of the work they've completed today. They won't finish today, but they'll receive more time to write during my writing block over the next few days.