Leader Presentations

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SWBAT support opinions with textual evidence.

Big Idea

How do leaders influence us?


30 minutes

Today students will  present the information they have collected about their leader to the class.

 I happened to have a chance to have my students do some research in the computer lab yesterday after they were finished with their SRI testing.  I took advantage of those few minutes and asked my students to choose a new leader to evaluate on the checklist.  

When they come into the classroom today, I had them add some information about that person to the poster.  Some groups didn't have a chance to research a second leader, so in that case, I let them come up with one on the spot.

 I had some pretty interesting results!  

Like this case for a character called Black Wolf being a great leader.

Here is a more traditional case for Anne Frank.  

Gallery Walk

10 minutes

When groups finish presenting, I'll send them into the hall to tape their poster to the wall.  Once all the presentations are complete, we will all walk into the hall to look at them.  I'll have the students read over the posters and decide who is the best leader.  They'll draw a star on that poster.  We'll tally the results and look at the leaders who had the most votes.  We'll have a quick discussion about why these people are considered better than others.   

Time to Think

10 minutes

When we return from the gallery walk, I'll ask my students to reflect on the purpose of this lesson.  I'll pose the questions:

Why should we study leaders?  What can we learn from them?  Why are they important?  

I am hoping that my students will begin to reflect on their own leadership qualities as they learn about some model leaders.  As I prepare to send my students off to seventh grade, I want them to be leaders in middle school and shine in our community.