Snack Attack

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SWBAT create different graphs to represent the same data set.

Big Idea

Graphing can be made fun and hands-on with different real world "tools" - like snacks!


5 minutes

Who can tell me what you need to know before you make a graph? (Students should respond that we must have information or data to graph.)

And what types of decisions do great math thinkers need to make about their graphs? Here we talk about keys, number intervals, and types of graphs with an emphasis on the idea of a "graph audience", who would use the graph for some purpose.

Something that I love is a good snack! I’ve decided to share all of these delicious snacks with all of you, but there’s a catch! You must follow the directions for the activity, step by step, before you can eat any of it! Who can help me read our directions for today?

There are some important references to my decisions to create this lesson within the reflection section. 

Table Activity

40 minutes

Something that you will have to focus on today is teamwork. All of your decisions must be made as a team. You will need to consider what you have, how much of it you have, and what types of reasonable choices can be made about representing what you have. If you disagree, make sure you talk it through! 

I make it a point to use team work a lot in the classroom. We set very clear expectations for what it looks like to be a good member of a team and what it sounds like (ie: using accountable talk). Students are very eager to participate in activities where they also get to discuss the work with their table partners instead of just silent independent work activities. 


10 minutes

It was so neat for me to see all of the smart thinking going on in this room! You guys were making great choices about your graphs and your data sets. Each group will get a chance to come explain what they did and some of the unique choices their group made about their graphs.