Scottsboro Concludes

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SWBAT view the second half of a PBS documentary on the Scottsboro Trial and address a series of comprehension questions while viewing.

Big Idea

The history behind the fiction has a powerful effect on students.

Whole Group Review

10 minutes


Today we will conclude the PBS documentary, Scottsboro: An American Tragedy, which we began watching in this lesson.  

The first ten minutes are devoted to reviewing what we have viewed already and to addressing any questions or concerns that have occurred to my students since then.  Before we begin today's viewing, I provide my students with a few insights on what they will watch today.

Scottsboro Concludes

45 minutes


Before we view the second half of the documentary*, I distribute a copy of the questions for this viewing to each of my students.  As we did with the previous set of questions, we read through them as a whole-group, so that my students have an idea of what to listen and watch for.

The final half of the documentary will most likely take us right up to the final few minutes of class, as we did not quite progress to the halfway mark in the previous lesson.

*Sadly, the film is no longer available on youtube, due to a copyright claim.  The DVD can be purchased on Amazon for under $12.00 (Scottsboro: An American Tragedy, PBS).

Question Review and Debriefing

15 minutes


When the documentary is over, we will spend the remaining minutes reviewing their questions and addressing any new questions or concerns that may have occurred.  We will not have time to debrief entirely, and so I will work in a closing activity in tomorrow's lesson.