Graphic Stories

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SWBAT read and analyze graphic stories identifying literary elements as created in this genre.

Big Idea

Are graphic stories literature?

Day 1

50 minutes

Introduction  - Differentiation

To introduce Graphic Stories, students were asked to complete the Traditional Story Column in the “Compare/Contrast Chart” with their partners.  After discussing the information with their partners, we shared information as a class.  If students did not have their chart completed, they were able to fill in the information as we discussed it in class.  This provided the basis for our discussion and future comparison.

 Graphic Story Information

As I presented information about Graphic Stories using “Graphic Story” Power Point, students completed the information in the “Graphic Story” column.  This provided students with the opportunity to compare/contrast the information.

 “Tales of a 7th Grade Nadia”

With a partner, students read the first graphic story together and analyzed it using “Graphic Story Analysis” chart.  

All the graphic stories used for these lessons were taken from Glencoe's Backpack Reader.

Day 2

40 minutes

“Finding a Way”

When students arrived in class today, they continued reading their graphic stories.  They were required to analyze “Finding a Way” and analyze this story on the “Graphic Story Analysis” chart that they began to complete yesterday.

 Other Graphic Stories

With a partner, students read the remainder of the stories available and chose one other story to analyze in the chart.


Day 3

50 minutes

On this last day of Graphic Stories, students created a brochure to demonstrate their knowledge and reveal their opinions of this new genre.

 The specific directions were given for “Graphic Stories in Review.  Partners completed this together.