Final Writing Assignment for “Hills Like White Elephants”

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SWBAT improve their draft by following the feedback received the day before.

Big Idea

A minimun day is perfect for the final touches to a writing assignment.


Today we are on a minimum day schedule. Class is only half an hour long, which is perfect for the writing session I have planned. Students have drafted a second response to one of two questions I posed about Hemingway’s “Hills Like White Elephants.” The questions are:

            Does the American love Jig?

            What is Jig going to do?

Students spent the last couple of class periods outlining a response and evaluating peers’ responses. Today they are ready to implement the feedback they received from classmates and draft a response. 

Writing Session

30 minutes

This is the third and last writing assignment students are completing for “Hills Like White Elephants.” I make a couple of resources available for them to write. The first is a chart they used in the previous lesson and I discuss it in this video.

With these two documents, I let students write on their own in silence. They have received feedback from their classmates and have received instructional materials and mini lessons from me. They are to access all this to finish this assignment successfully. As they work they ask a question here and there and I answer it. Other than this, they work in silence. 



2 minutes

I announce that this marks the end of our study of Hemingway’s “Hills Like White Elephants.” They are to turn in the final draft of the two first writing assignments on Monday and this third one a day later.