Seventh Grade

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SWBAT critically analyze Gary Soto's "Seventh Grade" using previously learned reading strategies.

Big Idea

How has seventh grade changed throughout the years?

Before Reading

10 minutes

Students read Gary Soto’s “7th Grade”. They used guided reading strategies to successfully demonstrate their understanding of this text.

 I passed out a typed copy of the first two paragraphs of this text.  Individually, students read these paragraphs and recorded three questions that they generated while reading this section.  Then they made three predictions about what they thought would happen in the story.  This was completed on “Seventh Grade” Before Reading Worksheet.

During Reading

30 minutes

Students independently read Gary Soto’s narrative, “Seventh Grade.”  As they read, they interacted with the text by circling words/phrases that provided imagery, writing connections to the text in the margin, and also highlighting sections that were confusing or notating questions about the text.

 As they read, students also completed the information required on the “Seventh Grade” Worksheet.

After Reading

15 minutes

The After Reading strategies were completed by each student.  With the summary, students were encouraged to refer to notes taken while reading and then write a summary focusing on complete sentences and sequencing.

 Interpretation encouraged the students to demonstrate their understanding of characterization.

 Reflection provided an opportunity for students to evaluate lessons learned in the life of a seventh grader.  They could make connections to their own first day of junior high experience.

 Metacognitive Awareness is a concept I enjoy explaining to students.  I tell them it is you (the student) identifying what you know – “knowing what you know”.   They evaluate the various reading strategies that they should be using while reading and selecting one to explain.