3D Shapes Unit Assessment

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SWBAT distinguish between attributes and non-defining attributes on 3D shapes; SWBAT create a new composite shape from a 3D composite shape.

Big Idea

Shapes All Around! In this assessment unit on 3D shapes, I'll see how students are doing with demonstrating skills for distinguishing between attributes and non-attributes of 3D shapes, as well as creating new composite 3D shapes.

Activating Strategy

10 minutes

I start the review of this lesson by reading the book, "Captain Invincible and the Space Shapes".  This book is a great review of 3D shapes, and it keeps the students engaged while reading it.


If the book isn't available, then you can access a read aloud on You Tube.

Teaching Strategies

15 minutes

When I begin the review of this lesson, I like to review the names of 3D shapes: cube, rectangular prism, cone, sphere and cylinder.  While reviewing the name of each object, I hold up a shape to represent the item that I am naming.

After naming the shapes, we review the number of flat surfaces and curved surfaces that each shape has.  To help the students with keeping track of the number of flat surfaces, I have them hold the object and touch each side with their pencil.  This allows them to have a visual on each surface while keeping track of the number of surfaces.

For the standards G.A.1 and G.A.2, it is important that students know the names of the shapes and recognize the difference between 3D and 2D shapes.  They should also be able to identify the flat and curved surfaces of 3D shapes.

I want students to get this quick review because, at this age, they can easily be overwhelmed by all the material on the assessment. They need help jogging their working memories, and this warm up will do just that.

Independent Practice

30 minutes

Prior to administering the assessment, I ensure that all of my students are sitting comfortably and in a location where they will provide accurate independent results.

Once we have reviewed the names of the 3D shapes, and their curved and flat surfaces, I hand out the 3D Shapes Unit Assessment.docx.

For those that need additional support, I often bring them into a small group and we go over the test together.