Advertising A Sale: Organic Veggies

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SWBAT find the area of a rectangle with fractional dimensions.

Big Idea

Help fix the sign at the shop, so the veggies don't rot!

Warm Up

10 minutes

To review mixed numbers, we work with Study Jams website, Area of a Parallelogram, I click on "Step by Step", and the tutorial reminds students of the formula and reviews common measurement terms. It is very interactive, colorful, and engaging.

There are 4 "Steps", and then the answer. This varies the instruction the students receive from me. The almost comic like format and the different tone of voice leave an impression upon students of learning and fun in a new light.

Guided Practice

10 minutes

Time for the Advertising a Sale on Organic Tomatoes Problem problem!

For a) Students should see that they need to multiply the two fractions to find the area.

For b) I encourage a discussion on multiplying a number by a fraction greater than 1. Students should know that the product will be greater than the original number.

For c) Students should understand that they need to multiply the area from item a) by the scale factor.

For d) Students should/could make a table to show all of the possibilities of the sign's dimensions.

1a is using MP5, and a DOK Level 2 task; find the area of a rectangle with fractional dimensions.

1b is using MP3, and a DOK Level 3 task; Explain that multiplication by a fraction greater than one results in a product greater than the original number.

1c is using MP1, and a DOK Level 2 task; Find the area of a rectangle with fractional dimensions. 

1d is using a MP7, and a DOK Level 4 task; Determine possible dimensions given an area and a scale factor.

Independent Practice

10 minutes

For independent practice today, students  A, B, and C, D of Organic Cucumbers Problem about a new sign. The new, larger, sign is different dimensions, but actually results in the same answer. This makes students feel even more confident, and provides more support.

Students need to see a realm in increasingly difficult math problems reviewed with them over the next few weeks. This unit with do that, and review all of the objectives we've covered this year. I allow students to work by themselves for about 5 minutes, and then allow them to work with their table partners in a think-pair-share. Students have to attempt to solve this on their own, and therefore determine their weakness, and then can solicit help from a partner.


10 minutes

I used cold-calling to call upon students in order to review the answers. Students use the Share section of the think-pair-share here.