Granola Bars

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SWBAT solve a real-world multiplication & division problem, & use related facts to check a solution.

Big Idea

Help put the granola bars on the display racks neatly so customers will buy them!

Warm Up

10 minutes

This video clip from Discovery Education, Whole Number Multiplication and Division, is about eight minutes long. A lot of it is review of multiplication and division. I chose this because it shows a lot of real-world scenarios where math is important.

Guided Practice

10 minutes

For guided practice, we work together on a 3-part Granola Bars Problem.

For a): Students should see that they need to multiply to find the number of total granola bars in the 248 boxes.

For b): I encourage students to participate in a discussion on determining which operation to use when finding how many equal groups can be made from a group of objects.

For c) Students should check their division by multiplying their quotient by the number of display racks, 8.

1a is using MP1, and a DOK Level 1 task; solving a real-world multiplication problem.

1b is using MP1, and a DOK Level 1 task; solving a real-world division problem. 

1c is using MP6, and a DOK Level 3 task; using related multiplication and division facts to check a solution.

Independent Practice

10 minutes

For independent practice today, students try to solve A, B, and C for a new peanut better granola bars problem, and solve real world multiplication and division problems while checking their solution.

This is pretty simplistic, but this is what my kids needed. They need to see a realm in increasingly difficult math problems reviewed with them over the next few weeks. This unit with do that, and review all of the objectives we've covered this year. I allow students to work by themselves for about 5 minutes, and then allow them to work with their table partners in a think-pair-share. Students have to attempt to solve this on their own, and therefore determine their weakness, and then can solicit help from a partner.


10 minutes

I used cold-calling to call upon students in order to review the answers. Students use the Share section of the think-pair-share here.