At the Farmer's Market

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SWBAT write and explain expressions for a real-world problem, and explain an error in a solved problem.

Big Idea

Visit the farmer's market to reinvent some recipes (using equations) into tasty, nutritious snacks!


30 minutes

To intro this lesson, I want to be sure that students know what a Farmer's Market is. There are some local farmer's markets to our school, but most students have never been to them. I also want to tie to heathful eating as well, so we view this great clip I found on SciGirls. Sci Girls episodes travel around on adventures with four middle school aged girls to showcase science.

Since this particular episode also dealt with cooking, I thought Food Science was perfect to combine math and science today. The girls travel to a farmer's market, and try to reinvent collard greens and peach cobbler. (This works well for us because we're in the South.) You may choose to only show part of this video, or use another clip on farmer's markets. This clip is long, it's 27 minutes, so I chose to play it during snack time today. I usually choose about a 15 minute science clip daily to reinforce recent standards that are being studied.

Guided Practice

15 minutes

Students should understand that Lindsey is only buying apples for the children that eat them. This is a common spot for errors. I introduced the task as apple nachos with the picture to increase participation and intrigue of my students. I remind students to line up their factors correctly when multiplying. I encourage a discussion of which members of the class are going to be eating the apples at the class party. Students need to explain that they need to multiply the number of students eating apples by 3. Then I have students compare their answers from 1b and 1d. I facilitate discussion on why the answers are different.

1a is using MP3, and a DOK Level 3 task; explaining an error in a solved equation.

1b is using MP2, and a DOK Level 1 task; evaluate an expression. 

1c is using MP2, and a DOK Level 2 task; Write an expression for a real-world problem. 

1d is using a MP6, and a DOK Level 1 task; Evaluate the expression from 1c.

Independent Practice

15 minutes

For independent practice today, students solve a two part Strawberry Problem, in the context of planning for the class party; write and evaluate an expression. This is pretty simplistic, but this is what my kids needed. They need to see a realm in increasingly difficult math problems reviewed with them over the next few weeks. This unit with do that, and review all of the objectives we've covered this year. I allow students to work by themselves for about 5 minutes, and then allow them to work with their table partners in a think-pair-share. Students have to attempt to solve this on their own, and therefore determine their weakness, and then can solicit help from a partner.


10 minutes

Using cold calling, I select students to review the answers. Students use the Share section of the think-pair-share here. I can extend this here by asking students to correct an error that was potentially made by posing, "If someone made a mistake here by saying that...." You can use this as a teachable moment, and address some common errors that you saw while rotating around the room. I didn't see any errors today.