No More Plagarism

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SWBAT put sentences in their own words.

Big Idea

Stop kids from copying straight from the text, and get students thinking about the content.


10 minutes

Common Core Connection

The standard for this lesson is W1.8 (Research Writing), and it basically requires students to write a paragraph after analyzing several informational text. This is the tenth and final lesson in the unit. Keep mind the standard has to be broken down into achievable steps that result in a final product. The final product is a research based paragraph. As we are working toward the product I notice that my students are struggling with paraphrasing, so I am teaching them this prerequisite skill in this unit. 

Lesson Overview

I selected two paragraphs for my students to take sentence by sentence and rewrite by paraphrasing. We use text that they are using in their projects. One is about soccer, and the other is about karate. These are the two main topics they chose to learn about. We analyze the karate text and paraphrase in the guided practice, but they work on the soccer text with a partner.

Students work with a Peanut Butter Jelly Partner and do Transitions often in my lessons to keep them working hard and engaged. 

Introductory Activity

So, I project a picture of a kid in a jail suit on by Smart Board, and I have it on the screen when they walk in that morning. I have a video of their reaction. You can see they are not only motivated by the image, but they want to see themselves on video. I usually play our videos in break or rest time for them to watch. We also analyze what they are doing and my student love it. It's like they can't wait to see what we are going to do. I even had a teacher pop her head in and ask what we were doing. I just told the story about how I write magazine articles sometimes, and our class volunteer is the editor of our local paper. So, I explain that we cannot copy somebody's work. We have to create our own, but it can be based on something we have read. I explain that it is illegal to actually copy somebody's work and publish, so that is why I have the jail image. I say, "It's just a joke. I promise you will not go to jail, but we need to put things in our own words."

Then I share that today the class will learn to paraphrase, which means put things in their own words. Next, I ask them to chant the lesson goal, "I can put sentences in my own words."

Guided Practice

20 minutes

Student Reflection

5 minutes


5 minutes

This is when we wind down and I try to assess the students knowledge. So, I ask them to turn and talk to their partner about what paraphrasing means.  Check out the video on this (Closing). So, I listen, but I am hoping they say, "It is putting things into your own words." Then I share what I heard and comment. This is a way of confirming what I wanted them to learn. 

Then we chant the lesson goal, "I can put sentences into my own words."