Developing "Hitchhiker" Outlines

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SWBAT construct sentence outlines with original theses and text support.

Big Idea takes discipline!

Latin Roots Warm Up

10 minutes

This is our daily warm up, wherein students work with two or three Latin roots per day.  The resource that I use to get my roots is Perfection Learning's Everyday Words from Classic Origins.
Every day, when the students arrive, I have two Latin roots on the SmartBoard.  Their job is to generate as many words as they can that contain the roots, and they try to guess what the root means.  After I give them about five minutes, we share words and I tell them what the root means.

The students compile these daily activities in their class journals.  After every twelve roots, they take a test on the roots themselves and a set of words that contains them.

Reviewing their Choices

15 minutes

Sometimes, the only option that a teacher has is to go around the room and check each student's work.  This is probably one of my least favorite things to do, because it requires me to read and process very quickly, while the class (most likely) seizes the opportunity to take it easy and debrief their current social life developments.  Inevitably, there are a few students who require some extra coaching and time, and that can be hard to negotiate in a large class.

Today, the check in was relatively quick and the students were cooperative.  However, I had several students indicate that they had never outlined before.  Actually, they said that they had outlined textbook chapters but not their own papers before writing.  This took me aback a bit, and it changed the rest of our class from the writing workshop that I had planned into a coaching session.

Coaching Session: How to Do an Outline

25 minutes

As I mentioned before, I had expected the students to be more experienced with outlining.  So, when I discovered that many of them were completely lost, I had to teach them outlining through direct instruction.

So, I used the SmartBoard and pulled up Microsoft Word.  I then explained that -- for this particular outline -- the only elements that did not have to be sentences were the Roman numerals.  I am requiring everything else to be in sentence form, so that the transition from outline to paper is an easy one.