Assessing Division

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SWBAT show they have mastered 2,3,4 digit by 1 digit division, word and comparison problems.

Big Idea

Students take a summative assessment to show they have mastered the standards.

Warm Up Before the Big Test

10 minutes

 I took loose plastic change and put it in my pocket. I told my students how many coins are in my 2 pockets and the total amount of money. I told them they needed to come up with the exact coins that make up that exact amount. The person with the right answer wins the coins! One dollar will buy 15 minutes for them of free iPad time. I have them keep the coins in a small baggie in their desk. If there is discipline problems, I take away a quarter. This keeps them accountable for their behavior because they LOVE free iPad time.

Today, I have put 67 cents in one pocket and 20 in another. ( i.e There is one 50 cent piece, 1 dime,a nickel and two pennies in the one pocket, one dime and 10 pennies in the other.)  I told them I had 87 cents with 16 coins between my two pockets. This little game really gets them going.

It took them awhile to work it out and finally one student got it! They really love this game and I will play it a couple times a week with them.

Administering the Test

45 minutes

Module 3 Division Assessment

Division Test Mastery Chart Blank: This chart can be used after the pretest to assess growth and mastery of standards.

This test has been designed to be rigorous.  There are writing components to it. They have to not only show they can calculate, but prove their thinking through their writing. It has instructions that need to be read carefully and the first 4 problems are asking that students use the inverse to check. I went over directions carefully with students, warning them that they needed to remember to read carefully and pay attention to the details. I also told them to go back and ask themselves if their answer made sense to them. Are the numbers realistic?

It would be a long test and so we got busy right away.