Unit Assessment

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SWBAT compare and measure objects by lenght; and tell time to the hour and half hour.

Big Idea

Unit Assessment. I use this as a unit assessment for measurement and time.

Activating Strategy

10 minutes

I begin this lesson with a review of measurement.  


I like to start with this video because it discusses direct and indirect measurement.  After viewing the video, I hand out color tiles and have students use them to measure their pencil, a crayon, and a pair of scissors.  

In reviewing for measurement and the standard MD.A.1, and MD.A.2, it's imperative that students understand that when we are measuring an object that the units that we are using to measure are placed end to end, with no gaps.  While students are measuring the objects at their tables, I circulate the room to ensure that they are lining up the color tiles correctly.

Measuring objects offers children many opportunities to use appropriate tools strategically (MP5). Even when tools represent an informal measure, children learn to use them strategically. For example, given the choice of a connecting cube or a jump rope to measure the width of the classroom, children will realize that the jump rope will be more efficient.

Teaching Strategies

15 minutes

After viewing the video and reviewing measurement, I hand out a class clock to each student. We then practice telling time to the hour and half hour.  I call out a time and the students show me the time using their clock.

When reviewing for this unit assessment on measurement and time (MD.A.1, MD.A.2, MD.B.3) I make sure to remind students that when telling time to the half hour, the hour hand should be in between two numbers, and the minute hand is on the 6.  Sometimes students tend to write or draw the hour hand on the exact number when representing the time to the half hour.  To help students with this misconception, I use a large demonstration clock to show them that the hour hand is moving, although slower, as the minute hand rotates around the clock.

Independent Practice

30 minutes

After reviewing time and measurement, I hand out the Time and Measurement Unit Assessment.docx