Introducing the Comparison Essay: The Hitchhiker Play vs Movie

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SWBAT identify elements of similarity and difference in two versions of "The Hitchhiker" and will begin planning comparison essays

Big Idea

Two hitchhikers are scarier than one.

Hitchhiker Comprehension Quiz

10 minutes

I decided to start today's class with a short comprehension quiz.  I don't do these very often, mostly because my students usually have a good grasp on the content, and I don't think grades should be used to "bust" 13 year olds (now 17 year olds, that's a different story...)

Anyway, I found this quiz online (it looks like it came from a teacher's guide for a textbook,)  and I thought it was basic, but pretty thorough and it reinforced the foreshadowing that I think is key.  most students did well, missing between zero and two.  A few students really blew it, but they seemed to "get" the idea when we reviewed the text and answers.

Watching "The Hitchhiker" (Twilight Zone)

25 minutes

We streamed the Twilight Zone video version of "The Hitchhiker."  It is not available on YouTube (though many episodes can be found there.)  However, you can get it from CBS.

After we watched the video, I encouraged students to take notes about the differences between the film version and the radio play that we read in class.  These notes will be the foundation for our comparison essay.

Discussion and Sharing Notes

10 minutes

After we watched the video, we talked about the episode and how it compared to the radio play.  I also shared my notes by putting them under the document camera.  I encouraged students to write down anything that they wanted from my notes, but I also told them that they need to get used to taking more comprehensive notes for school assignments.

Two Ways to Structure a Comparison Essay

10 minutes

After our discussion, I explained to the students that you can organize a comparison essay two ways, subject by subject or trait by trait.  I talked them through each of the outlines and, for homework, students are supposed to choose their essay structure and decide on their categories for comparison.