Coordinates of a Figure

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The students will be able to construct geometric figures on the coordinate plane.

Big Idea

As students explore the coordinate plane they are preparing for 6th grade experiences with negative numbers, and ratios and proportional relationships



150 minutes
  • Introduce Skill
    • While preparing myself for teaching/introducing today’s skill I view a short tutorial from Learn Zillion.
    • I bring the students to area of the room where I can use the whiteboard and they can gather with their whiteboards.
    • I introduce the ‘I Can’ statement for today.
      • I can plot geometric figures on the coordinate plane. 
    • As a group we go over the skill and practice it on our whiteboards.



  • Independent Practice


  • Check-In
    • The students and I review the worksheet from the previous activity.
      • I go over the first few problems with the students.
      • Then one at a time I have students take turns explaining the remainder of the problems. 


  • Interactive Practice


30 minutes

Generally the purpose of classroom computation isn’t quantity, it is quality with a focus on explaining the strategies used and how/why it is true. However, the purpose of targeted skills practice includes fluency, as well as additional review to build comprehension.  I am looking for the student to demonstrate their fluency on this skill by completing the assessment with very few errors and within a reasonable amount of time.  The assessment is meant to be completed in no more than 30 minutes.