Conjunctions: Revising With Conjunctions - Day 4

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SWBAT revise their opinion piece with a focus on sentence fluency by using compound and complex sentences.

Big Idea

Students have been writing an opinion piece. We were in the revision stage of the writing process, so students applied what they had learned in previous lessons about conjunctions by revising their writing for sentence fluency.

Modeling and Guided Practice

15 minutes

Students have been writing an opinion piece on what they feel is the best movie. We were in the revision stage of the writing process so students revised their writing for sentence fluency. They were required to add at least one complex sentence with a subordinating or coordinating conjunction. 

At the beginning of the lesson, I directed students to the next stage of the writing process on our writing wall. When asked what happens at the revision stage, students stated it is when you add or change things to make your writing better. I also had them discuss with a partner what we had learned about conjunctions. I displayed the sentence fluency rubric on the document camera and explained each section. Next, I displayed my own draft of the opinion piece on the document camera. I modeled revising it for sentence fluency by combining simple or short, choppy sentences to create complex sentences using a colored pencil. I used the colored pencil to make it clear where I had made revisions. I checked my work with the rubric, emphasizing the 4 category.


Independent Practice

20 minutes

Each student received a copy of the rubric. They took out their journals, read over their piece, and made revisions. I walked around the room as students worked providing assistance as needed. The colored pencils made it easy to spot their revisions and see that they were using the rubric to help them with sentence fluency.


10 minutes

Students were expected to add at least 1-2 compound and/or complex sentences to their revised piece. This was part of a score of ‘4’ on the rubric. They also had to take into consideration previous lessons that focused on transition words, run-on, and incomplete sentences. These overall components helped students see the whole of the concept of sentence fluency in writing.