Conjunctions - Day 1

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SWBAT determine the correct coordinating or subordinating conjunction that completes a complex sentence.

Big Idea

Students become familiar with conjunctions by viewing a PowerPoint presentation and completing a practice exercise.

Modeling and Guided Practice

20 minutes

I showed a PowerPoint presentation to introduce students to conjunctions. It explained coordinating and subordinating conjunctions and showed examples of how they are used to combine simple sentences. I also directed their attention to a poster in the front of the room with the definitions and conjunctions listed. (It remained posted throughout the lesson as a visual reminder.)

After the presentation, I displayed several examples of simple sentences on the document camera. I modeled reading them aloud and selecting the correct conjunction to combine them and explained why the conjunction was the correct one to use.

I guided students as they completed several example sentences. I displayed two simple sentences on the document camera. Students chose a conjunction from the poster and wrote their answers on their whiteboards. I did this to check for understanding before releasing them for independent practice.  I prompted students to provide an explanation of their selection. I did this to insure students were able to justify their answers versus making a random selection.

Independent Practice

20 minutes

I gave each student a practice sheet for independent practice. They had to read complex sentences and select the correct conjunction to complete them. They worked alone or with a partner. I gave them a choice because some students prefer to work alone, especially high-achieving students. They were encouraged to continue sharing why they chose their answers. This provided students an opportunity to discuss their responses and demonstrate their learning verbally and in writing. I walked around and provided assistance as needed.