Lesson 16

Valid Vs. Faulty Generalizations Formative

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SWBAT Make and identify valid generalizations.

Big Idea

It's time to show your stuff! Use your skills to show your understanding of valid generalizations.


5 minutes

Today the kids will take a quick 2 part formative on making valid generalizations. The first question will just give me some feedback about whether or no they can form a generalization based on information from the text. The second part is just to see if the kids can sort the valid and faulty generalizations. 

The first question is where I'll see the most struggle. I know based on the past few lessons that this is a skill I'll need to continue to work on. I'll need to meet with kids throughout the year to work on these skills during my RTI and workstations. The second part should be fairly easy. My kids have been showing during workstations that they can find the valid generalizations. 

Independent Work

30 minutes

While students are working, I'll be monitoring until some kiddos start finishing up. I want to call the kids over as they finish and grade with them. Especially if my struggling students finish first. This gives me the opportunity to give some 1:1 feedback. I can't always get to every student, but I get some conferencing time with them. I really wanted to do this with this skill because my kids are really having a hard time understanding this. The inductive reasoning that is needed to truly process generalizing is hard for them, so I have to continue to work in that practice. Hereare some thoughts about some of my kids formatives.