Lesson 3

Kids At Work: Perspectives Workstations

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SWBAT determine text structures used in texts that involve multiple accounts of a topic.

Big Idea

Now that we've practiced a little, it's time to identify some perspectives in small groups.

Introduction and Expectations

5 minutes

Today I'll have the kiddos working in some stations to practice skills in perspectives and they'll have a little extra practice in nonfiction text structures. This is a place where my students still need some help, so I want to put this practice in my stations throughout this unit. 

I'll have the kids working in the following stations and they'll rotate every 15 minutes:

Teacher Station: kids will be meeting with me to work on thinking about evidence to support multiple viewpoints using a small passage. We'll wrap up by thinking of some of our own situations where they have been more than one perspective. (RI5.6) 

Text Structure Review: In this stations, the students will be reading a few passages, deciding on the text structure and using an appropriate graphic organizer to summarize the information. (RI5.5)

Fish is Fish Station: I wanted the kids to have something interactive and fun to do today, so I found this ReadWriteThink lesson and thought it could work. It's all about walking in the character's shoes to think about the perspectives. I like it because it gives the students practice with the skills needed to be successful here. They'll take a look at the story Fish is Fish in order to figure out which character had a more positive outlook. The activity has them do a quick reader's theater to "walk in the characters' shoes" before considering the viewpoints. I really liked that idea. 

To start off my stations, I always review what the students will be doing and the expectations that I have for the groups. My groups are set up heterogeneously today. We just started the unit, so I'm letting students be with mixed abilities. This also helps because they're all starting off on equal playing fields in terms of these concepts today. 



45 minutes

Fish is Fish: In this station you will read the story "Fish Is Fish". I have 2 copies at this station for you all to share. "Fish Is Fish" is told from the very different perspectives of a fish and of a tadpole that turns into a frog. While reading, you will work with one partner (2 at most) to complete the Venn Diagram to fill in the characteristics of Fish and Tadpole/Frog in the appropriate spaces. 

Before completing the Venn Diagram, you will read the the "Fish Is Fish" Script. The students will verbally read aloud the script with their partners. Whoever reads Fish’s part also must read as Narrator 1 and the partner who reads Frog’s part must also read Narrator 2. After you finish the script, complete the Venn Diagram and discuss as a pair. Then answer the big question, “Who had the more positive outlook on life?”

Text Structure Review:In this station, you'll work with different text structures about shoes. Your job is to read the paragraphs and then decide what text structure is being used. You will then create a graphic organizer to place the information from each paragraph appropriately. 

Teacher Station: Today you will meet me at the back table to discuss how we think about multiple perspectives. Please bring your notebooks and glue. I will have the activity you need with me. 

Once we finish with the rotation, I get the students together to reflect on academic and behavioral accomplishments during stations. I always try to work this in to help the students understand and remember my expectations. 

How did it go today? What was difficult? What was easy? Did you work well with others? Are you proud of yourself?