Adding Decimals

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The students will be able to add numbers with decimals.

Big Idea

Add 'em up!



150 minutes
  • Introduce Skill
    • While preparing myself for teaching/introducing today’s skill I view a short tutorial from Khan Academy.
    • I introduce their ‘I Can’ statement for today.
      • I can subtract numbers that include decimals.
    • As a group we go over the skill and practice it on our whiteboards.


  • Partner Practice
    • Students work with a partner to practice their skill.
    • Students do Snack Shop activity.


  • Independent Practice


  • Check-In
    • The students and I review the worksheet from the previous activity.
      • I go over the first few problems with the students.
      • Then one at a time I have students take turns explaining the remainder of the problems. 



30 minutes

Generally the purpose of classroom computation isn’t quantity, it is quality with a focus on explaining the strategies used and how/why it is true. However, the purpose of targeted skills practice includes fluency, as well as additional review to build comprehension.  I am looking for the student to demonstrate their fluency on this skill by completing the assessment with very few errors and within a reasonable amount of time.  The assessment is meant to be completed in no more than 30 minutes.