Number the Stars Bio Poem

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SWBAT write a small bio poem with one of the Number the Stars character's point of view.

Big Idea

Bio Poems are fun and can reveal a lot about a person. Students will learn about and create a bio poem for themselves and then as one of the characters from Number the Stars.

Who is .... The Bio Poem Framework

5 minutes

To start the conversation on poetry we do a quick shout out of facts that we have learned and what we already know. I then ask the class if they have ever heard of a Bio Poem. Before I teach them what it is, I ask them what they think of when reading the word "bio."

When a student gives me the word biography, I then explain that a Bio Poem is written about a person and follows a predictable pattern. 

Personal Practice

10 minutes

To practice I want them to use a piece of lined paper to write two different Bio Poems. To start, I hand out an outline for a Bio Poem. For this Bio Poem they are going use it to write a poem about themselves. There are lots of templates available on the internet. To complete this poem, students will use this Bio Poem Example from Scholastic

To complete it correctly I model a few of the lines o the board about myself. I demonstrate how I use the first part of the "Who is..." to fill in my personal information. I then give them time to complete their own.

From Another's Point of View

15 minutes

Now that they have successfully completed their own bio poem, they are ready to make a new one. This time they will choose a character from the story Number the Stars to use. I explain to the class that they will be making a new Bio Poem that is told though the character's point of view. 

Before we begin, I ask them to look over our framework and decide if their are any edits that need to be made. There are a few lines that are not appropriate for this bio poem. Instead we decide as a class a few better sentence starters that would fit better with the characters. They start with giving me complete sentences and I explain that the structure we are using only starts the sentence.  I prompt them to create sentence starters that would work. 

I then give them time to create their new bio poem.