How much do I have? : Our Strategies for Adding Coins (Part I)

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SWBAT add coins to create a total.

Big Idea

Students use their skip counting skills to count and total coins.


10 minutes

I start class by dividing students into groups. 

I hand each group the same number of coins and one white board. I ask each group to work together and determine how much money I gave them. 

I allow students 2-4 minutes to work—as they work,  I circulate to determine what strategies students are using effectively. 

Introduction to New Material

10 minutes

I start the introduction to new material by asking the students to turn to their partner and answer the following question: 

Turn and Talk: How much money do I have?  What strategy did you use to solve this problem? 

I have students explain their strategies to one another.  I then ask two or three students to share their strategies.  As students share  I make an anchor chart entitled “Our strategies for adding coins”.

Students might skip count, add the coins using column addition, draw the coins and count, etc.  As students share I make sure that as students explain, they are modeling how to use their strategy so that other students can feel successful with this strategy. 

Guided Practice

15 minutes

During guided practice, students will work in groups on a coin adding activity (this activity could easily be used as a center activity in a future lesson).  I explain the activity to the class.

1)    Students take a small handful of coins from the bucket in the middle of their table.

2)    Students draw the coins they have on their chart

3)    Students use a strategy of their choice to add up and total the number of coins they have. 

4)    Students check their work with their partner.

After students have worked on the activity for 10 minutes, I have them clean up and come back together as a group .

Turn and talk: During guided practice, what strategies did you use to add your coins?

After students have shared with their partner, I ask two or three students to share the strategies that they chose with the class.  

Independent Practice

10 minutes

During independent practice, students will work independently on a worksheet where they add up coins. This worksheet is set up so students can skip count (students can write down their skip counting on the lines underneath the coin).  However, students should be encouraged to use the strategies that work best for them. 


Exit Ticket

10 minutes

Now you are going to show me what you know by doing an exit ticket!  

As students work, I circulate to watch what strategies students are using and check for any misconceptions.

If time permits, I go over the exit ticket with the students so that they are able to receive immediate feedback.